10AM - 10PM


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Reach out

If you have any questions, feel free to pop us an email at


Timeline for the day

[9:30-10:00] Early participants welcome
[10:00-10:30] Introduction
[10:30-11:00] Team forming
[11:00-14:00] Coding with guides
[14:00-15:00] Lunch break
[15:00-20:00] More coding
[20:00] Project submission deadline
[20:00-21:00] Projects evaluation and feedback collection
[21:00-21:30] Winner presentations and awards
[21:30-22:00] Clean-up and goodbye

Snacks will be provided throughout the day 乁(✿ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)و

Game Framework guidelines

Get started with the game framework just beyond this door!

About Us

Extreme PALS

Want to enter an official hackathon but feeling daunted by its unfamiliarity? Well, Extreme PALS is for you!
This hackathon will run over one whole day for 12 hours with breaks for a workshop and lunch. Participants, in small teams of up to 3-4 people, can stand a chance to win prizes by creating a game together based on a provided theme and framework.
Extreme PALS has the support of Volker Seeker, the lecturer for object oriented programming, a compulsory course for first year computer science students. By integrating the material with his course syllabus, you can level-up your Java skills with some hands-on experience. See this as an introduction to your hackathon journey.


The primary goal of Extreme PALS is to introduce students with limited programming experience to programming events in a friendly way.
Extreme PALS wants to bolster participants’ confidence in their abilities, encouraging them to engage with events outside of the academic curriculum and inspiring them to develop their own ideas. As InfPALS leaders, we hope that this event will give the scheme lots of exposure and make a positive impression, which may contribute to the growth of the InfPALS scheme in the coming academic year.


InfPals is a Peer Learning and Support Program, aiming to bring together Year 1 students and helping them integrate into the Informatics world.